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The nation's top party school received 11 reports of sexual assault in two months

Student life at Ohio University—which Playboy recently named the no. 1 party school in the nation—revolves around booze. And given that nearly 90% of campus sexual assaults nationwide involve alcohol, according to a report for the National Institute of Justice, it’s perhaps no surprise that this is an issue of concern on campus.

Indeed, the statistics reveal that Ohio University is having to deal with what has become a national crisis. In the first two months of the fall semester this year, 11 sexual assaults were reported to campus police. That’s about one every weekend. The reports come nearly two years after a student’s alleged sexual assault was captured on camera and posted on social media for the world to see. This very public case led a group of student activists to create an on-campus social movement, F*ck Rape Culture, which aims to educate students about what consent really looks like—and fight back against sexual assault.

In part four of our original special Blackout: 48 Hours at America’s #1 Party School, assault survivors talk to us about their battle for a safer campus.


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