Antoine Griezmann upped the difficulty level, unleashed this chilena against Depor

Antoine Griezmann, better known to the masses by his fighter pilot nickname, The Grease Man (because he’s so slick), reached new heights of fancy French trickery this weekend.

One third of that previous sentence is a lie. No one calls him The Grease Man, and if they did, beIN Sports should forcibly cancel their subscription, ensuring they were never able to see Greizmann in the comfort of their own home ever again.

To that opening statement’s more accurate portions though, Greizmann is in fact French and did do something fancy. He’s already scored twice for Atlético Madrid in the first half against Deportivo La Coruña, but the highlight was this volley, stuck at the specific angle to classify it as a Chilena, a move presumambly named after a lovely Chilean woman … possibly my 11th Grade Spanish teacher, Mrs. Voloch.

Hi, Mrs. Voloch.


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