Soccer player facing eight years in prison for biting a policeman

Pro-tip: do not bite a policeman.

Denmark striker Nicki Bille Nielsen apparently did not get that tip and now he is facing up to eight years in prison for it. See, seriously, don’t bite a policeman.

Nielsen was arrested in Copenhagen for kicking a parking meter earlier this year. He was then put in a police van and allegedly had to be pepper sprayed because he was being unruly. He then bit the arresting officer, which is what really landed him in trouble.

The striker played for Rosenborg at the time. He has since moved to Evian in Ligue 1, where his teammates have described him as a quiet man. But not so before.

“When he was younger, he liked to party,” fellow Danish Evian teammate Jesper Hansen told Le Dauphine Libere. “Now he is quieter and there are no paparazzi here.”

Damn paparazzi, out there biting policemen. Or wait, no, that was Nielsen.

Nielsen has played for Denmark three times, all of which came before he bit a policeman. So really, don’t bite the police.


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