We found the cause of Daniel Sturridge’s leg problems: a 10-year-old destroyed him in this dance-off

Things are going from bad to worse for Daniel Sturridge. The striker is currently in the United States to consult with a surgeon on the best way to treat his recent hip injury. Today, Liverpool may have released footage of the moment his injury occurred. The shocking video shows Sturridge — who was appearing on the club’s Liverpool TV web series to offer positive life tips to the youth and talk about music — savagely attacked with killer dance moves by 10-year-old fan, Paisley.

Gruesome scenes. It’s gut-wrenching to see Sturridge take this kind of a beating while a film crew just stood around, watching and recording it all. No one went for help. No one tried to separate him from Paisley, even as she taunted him throughout the assault. Battles aren’t supposed to be this way.

If Liverpool is putting its star players in harm’s way like this, it’s no wonder it can’t crack the Premier League’s top four. No one feels safe. Players can’t be expected to perform under the constantly looming threat of children like Paisey waiting to publicly shame them into positions where they have no choice but to risk injury to find escape.


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