Which 3 ridiculous questions would you ask David Beckham over a stiff drink?

The concept: You can ask David Beckham three ridiculous questions over a scotch.

Jimmy Kimmel, possibly because he has a late-night talk show and came up with the idea for “3 Ridiculous Questions,” got exactly that opportunity. Sitting in a romantic bar setting, Kimmel, playing the role of a bartender, lobbed three random-ass questions to the future possible owner of an MLS franchise in Miami. Did he make the most of it?

“Which fruit do you think you could kick the farthest,” “What is your favorite spice,” and “Do you think you’re capable of taking an ugly selfie?” – decent questions, for the most part, although the best part might be Beckham seeming to think he was correcting Kimmel’s grammar.

Here are three questions I would ask, given the opportunity:

1. Who is the worst first-team player you’ve ever played with?

2. Can you do the Humpty Dance? (If yes, followed up with “Do it now” because that’s not a question.)

3. Can Gerrard and Lampard play in the same midfield together?

I’m pretty sure he’d only answer the last one. Sort of. But one can dream. And if he declined to answer, I’d accuse him of killing dreams. No reasonable mogul, whose currency is charm, would dare kill dreams in front of cameras.

What three questions would you ask? I have worse ones but I’m not writing them down here.


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