Russia wants to use prison labor to help prepare for the 2018 World Cup

Ready for the 2018 World Cup, brought to you by the Shawshank Redemption and Vladimir The Cannibal? With the ruble’s drop in value and international sanctions putting budgets under strain, Russian authorities want to save money by using prison labor to make building materials for the 2018 World Cup, reports Associated Press.

We should acknowledge that, thus far, the plan’s not about direct construction of the stadiums themselves. So at the games you probably won’t be finding nail files under your seat or a handsaw hidden in your hot dog. But as the tournament gets closer, and the Russian authorities will inevitably come under pressure to finish everything as quickly and cheaply as possible, it’s surely a possibility.

Still, with Qatar’s treatment of migrant workers building 2022’s infrastructure under the microscope, this news threatens to refocus attention on conditions in Russia for the folks laying the foundations for 2018’s month of fun.

It seems fair to assume that earning $300 month for hard labor while living in a Russian prison camp is probably not going to be a comfortable experience.


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