John Oliver ran an ad on Trinidadian TV to make fun of Jack Warner

Over the past year, John Oliver and HBO’s Last Week Tonight have made a point to emphasize their collective disgust for all things FIFA. Specifically, Oliver has reveled in ranting about the disgustingly comedic levels of corruption that has infested soccer’s governing body for years. While ranting, he’s produced an impressive number of hot takes. He wanted Blatter out, and dedicated a segment things he’d do if Blatter resigned. That list included terrible things like eating everything on the McDonald’s dollar menu and chugging a bottle of Bud Light Lime. Blatter resigned, and Oliver followed through with his promises like a champion.

Another of Oliver’s favorite FIFA hot take topics: former CONCACAF president, former FIFA executive committee member, and former head of the Trinidad & Tobago Football Federation, Jack Warner. Warner, one of the individuals named in the recent U.S. Department of Justice indictment, was briefly detained shortly after U.S. authorities announced the charges filed against him. Shortly after his release, Warner bought air time on Trinidad & Tobago’s TV6, and delivered several minutes of words basically amounting to “Jack Warner’s got secrets and Jack Warner’s fittin’ to spill all the dirty laundry and dump all the documents about FIFA’s shady nonsense.”

This shot actually happened on TV6.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 10.30.07 AM

Oliver was into the idea of Warner spilling secrets, but he was also into the idea that one can buy a ton of prime time minutes on Trinidadian TV for random ads. So on this past Sunday’s show, he revealed that the Last Week Tonight gang did just that: purchased five minutes of air time on the very same TV6 on Tuesday (yesterday) at 9:01 PM.

Here’s the roughly five minutes that ran on Trinidad’s TV6 last night. Wikipedia tells us that TV6 is Trinidad & Tobago’s largest private television broadcaster. Enjoy:

John Oliver follows through with his promises.


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