‘No, You Shut Up!’ goes ‘High Travoltage’ on Comedy Central’s ‘@Midnight’

For some reason, Comedy Central’s @Midnight invited Paul F. Tompkins, Star Schlessinger and Hot Dog to be panelists on its 200th episode.

Invitation in hand, the No, You Shut Up! gang tried to do something they’ve never done before: show some self-control. Unsurprisingly, they failed.

Check out some of the best moments from the show.

John Travolta creepin’ on Benedict Cumberbatch at the Oscars

Paul’s Grease quip: “Oh, Cumberbatch, wait until you feel my touch because the power I’m supplying is electrifying!”

The #DogTVShows-themed edition of “Hashtag Wars”

Star’s eloquent addition: “Degrassi that I peed on.”

“Inedible Arrangements” turns into ketchup as vegetable talk turns into Paul and Star get into an actual fist fight

Just watch and to the No, You Shut Up! gang: #thisiswhywecanthavenicethings.

In honor of the guests, and the “animatronic Geppetto calling himself Paul,” examples of puppet legislation in “Puppet Government”

Hot Dog on equality for all: “Equal pay for marionettes.”

And, in “For the Win” Hot Dog kisses up to Chris Hardwick with a flattering hyperbolic death notice

Lie number one shows why this cutie is the resident charmer at No, You Shut Up!


Well behaved, they’re not. Funny? That they most definitely are.

Catch “No, You Shut Up!” every Thursday at 10pm and “@Midnight” on Comedy Central Monday through Thursday at 12A/11C


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