David James is broke and creditors are auctioning off all his stuff

Want to buy a chainsaw previously owned by David James? You’re in luck. All you’ve got to do is click this link and bid on it.


You see, David James is bankrupt. The former Liverpool, West Ham, Portsmouth and England goalkeeper somehow managed his career to end up broke, at 44. He is player/manager at the Kerala Blasters in the newly-formed Indian Super League. Until recently, he was toiling away in the Icelandic league. Now, his creditors are auctioning off all his things.

Here’s how the press release put it:

Former England international goalkeeper David James MBE was declared bankrupt in the Hertford County Court on 9 May 2014. The largest creditor in the estate is HM Revenue and Customs. Mick Sanders of MHA MacIntyre Hudson was appointed Trustee in Bankruptcy on 24 June 2014. Assets in the bankruptcy estate include an extensive collection of football memorabilia which is hoped will produce significant sums for creditors.

This is kind of sad. Perusing through the list of stuff available, there are a lot of things with sentimental value. David James also has the same record player I have, which is weird and makes me like him. As far as I can figure, the confiscated items include:

So bid away if you want to own someone else’s things that he will likely think about melancholically for the rest of his life.


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