Thomas Müller gets a hat trick in Bayern Munich’s weekly victory

It’s an unfortunate condition of the Bundesliga that some team is obligated to play Bayern Munich every week. Today, it was Eintracht Frankfurt’s turn to get stomped out, to the tune of a 4-0 loss at home.

Thomas Müller took his turn in the Bayern spotlight with a hat trick. His first was delivered with perfect Muay Thai knee form in the 22nd minute.

Müller’s second goal is something they should show pre-school kids in cartoons about sharing. Bayern had three clear shooting opportunities, but deferred to Müller. He probably brought in donuts this week.

The hat trick was completed with his most impressive goal: a strong shoulder-to-shoulder run, topped off with an off-balance finish and Eintracht Frankfurt looking for their team bus.

Bayern maintained 66 percent possession and out-shot Frankfurt 19-6. A win statistical experts classify as “comfortable.”



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