Nice guy Borussia Dortmund stops playing while a Hertha player ties his shoe

There’s a secret column in the Bundesliga table devoted to nice guy points, one the league doesn’t print because its shrouded in MLS-y secrecy. But come Round 28 of the season, clubs are required to start throwing games to get the printed table in line with the bonus points. If world gambling syndicates knew about this, Declan Hill would crack a cortex.

This weekend, Borussia Dortmund appeared to endure a recovery-killing loss, but beneath the 1-0 defeat to Hertha Berlin was a the type of shawbuckling nice guy performance that could save the team’s season.

This sequence, above, saw BVB surge past Gladbach in the Bundesliga “KARMA” column by killing play while Hertha’s Per Ciljan Skjelbred fixed his shoe. And consider: it was only one boot. Hertha was unlikely to concede while shoe situation was being addressed.

But at this point, Dortmund knows its best chance at next year’s Champions League is through gratuitous kindness. If this type of play keeps up, BVB could still claim third.


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