Marcos Rojo is quoting former drug lord Pablo Escobar on his Instagram account

Argentina international and Manchester United defender Marcos Rojo has an Instagram account. He uses said account to upload adorable pictures of his family, teammates, training sessions, celebrations, and quotes from deceased Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar.

Here’s the Google translation:

“One will eat at my table who passed me hungry and I never buckled when any given moment of life pass by bad weather.”

Right. Here’s a translation according to the human brain:

“Only those who stood by me during difficult times and starve alongside me will eat at my table.”

Better. But this is what he’s really saying:

“If I don’t know you like that, back up off me. Otherwise, I might smack you, because I do wild things like this crazy, murderous drug kingpin I’ve nonchalantly put up in this Instagram.”

Fair enough. Now, I know that Latin American Robin Hood (Escobar) did some wonderful things for communities in need while he wasn’t murdering and trafficking or flying professionals out to his compound to play in million dollar circus games. But still, our man Marcos needs to stop watching that Pablo Escobar telenovela. Kids are watching, Marcos.


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