Cardiff City’s board is going to boycott Tuesday’s game at Wigan over Malky Mackay

On Tuesday night, Cardiff City and Wigan Athletic will meet in an English second division clash at the DW Stadium – the first time Lactics boss Malkay Mackay has faced Cardiff since Cardiff fired him for, well, being Malkay Mackay. And that was before the real ugly stuff started coming out. To register their disgust, every member of Cardiff’s board has reportedly decided to boycott the match.

According to The Mirror, Cardiff’s board boycott is “a show of sympathy” towards Tan, who wasn’t pleased with the English Football Association’s (FA) handling of racism, sexism, and homophobia allegations originating from the series of text messages involving Mackay — one of which refers to Tan as a “Chink” — that were released to the public in Aug. 2014. While the English FA investigated those messages, Wigan chairman Dave Whelan hired Mackay, irritating many who felt that it was irresponsible to hire a man accused of discriminatory behavior before an investigation into his activity concluded.

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Tan wasn’t very pleased with Whelan, either. When he heard of Mackay’s hiring at Wigan, he said it was the case of a ”a racist chairman hiring a racist manager.” And it didn’t take long for Tan to look like Nostradamus, as Whelan was subsequently banned by the FA for six weeks for, ironically, making racially insensitive marks while standing up for Mackay’s character after hiring him.

So, even if Tuesday’s meeting between Cardiff and Wigan turns out to be a terrible sporting event, there are bound to be plenty of awkward interactions. Managers might say things, owners might say things, and fans will almost definitely say things. Strange things will likely happen, and isn’t that at least 50 percent of the reason why we watch sports? Or anything?



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