Inflatable shark gets loose at soccer match, stewards fear for their safety

Inflatable toys at soccer matches. It’s all so much fun, isn’t it? Until the adrenalin starts to rush, and things get a little bit crazy, and you lose control, and suddenly you find yourself charged with assault for allegedly striking a steward with an inflatable shark.

Easily done. But potentially serious for Kenny Meech, a fan of English fifth-division side Grimsby Town, who as a result of the charge has been banned from going to any more games, or even being in the town center for four hours either side of a home match. Which, if you’ve ever been to Grimsby, is not necessarily a bad thing. But he’s not happy. In fact, he feels the charge has been grossly inflated.

“I feel like the jaws have nabbed me,” the 50-year-old told the Grimsby Telegraph in what appears to be some kind of weak Spielberg film-related pun.

“I was down at the front celebrating the winning goal and everyone surged forward. You can imagine what it is like when they score a late goal like that – it’s like England versus Germany. We were all jumping up and down and my inflatable must have accidentally hit the steward on the head. I got picked out by the steward and I was then pulled out of the crowd. I did not show any physical violence whatsoever.”

The Telegraph somberly reports that “the arrest comes just two weeks after another Grimsby Town supporter became embroiled in an inflatable-related incident” that saw him put in a headlock for failing to surrender his giant soccer ball.

As the accompanying video shows, Grimsby fans do love their inflatable toys. Look, there’s a banana! A beach ball! A dinosaur! A penis! A blow-up doll with massive breasts!


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