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Futurestalgia: Where the f*** is my hoverboard?

Ask anyone what they loved most about “Back to the Future Part II,” and the answer will unequivocally be the hoverboard.

Ever since Marty hopped on that pink slab of floating plastic, we’ve all hoped and prayed that science would make our hovering dream come true. How close are we? Find out on this episode of Futurestalgia.

Futurestalgia is a Fusion original web series that combines our nostalgia for the big ideas of the past and our interest in the real science of the future. In every episode, we’ll look back at an awesome future-tech object from pop culture, imagine a world where it exists, and then reveal, using hard science, why we don’t have it yet.


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Shade: Queens of NYC

Tue, Jan 16, 2018 - 2:00 am




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Trumpland: Kill all Normies

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