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The Whatsapp messages that Barcelona used to turn around the season

When Facebook spent $19 billion for messaging client WhatsApp, the world questioned the evaluation. But the soccer world is a lot better with money than the “real world” (ask Paris Saint-Germain), so consider one of the sport’s undeniable tenants: Trophies are priceless.

So what does it say for WhatsApp that the service was key to Barcelona reclaiming Spain’s crown? It means Mark Zuckerberg wins again, because now, WhatsApp is priceless, too.

Still, it would be nice to know what Xavi Hernández, Lionel Messi and the rest of La Blaugrana had to say to each other back in January. Thanks to our latest Soccer Gods investigation, we know.

Many Bothans might have died to bring us this information, but since we got a television segment out of it, their sacrifice was not in vain.

Barca whatsapp

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