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New Starbucks Frappuccino flavors blind taste test: 'Tastes like a Paris Hilton song'

Starbucks released a whopping six new limited edition Frappuccino flavors last week, and rather than taste the variety with confidence, we decided to blindfold the office and have them guess what on earth they were drinking.

The results were hilarious.

Guesses ranged everywhere from “coffee creamer” to “circus mop,” with almost no one ever correctly identifying what flavor Starbucks was trying to express.

Via Frappuccino.com

The actual flavors were the unfathomably sweet cupcake, red velvet, *bubble guts* cotton candy, cinnamon roll, caramel cocoa cluster, and *deep gag* lemon bar.

Drinkers can visit Frappuccino.com between June 19th-30th to vote the flavor that tastes least like cough drops the best. The winning treat will become part of the regular Frappuccino rotation.

We’re gonna need an antacid and a nap…

Produced by Diana Oliva Cave. Camera and editing by Joon Chung.

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