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Meet the man who's become synonymous with the SCOTUS gay marriage case

You think you were nervous about last week’s Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage?

Just imagine how Jim Obergefell must have felt. He was the lead plaintiff in Obergefell v. Hodges and his name has become synonymous with the case that just brought marriage equality to the United States.

Obergefell says the only time he’s experienced this type of excitement was when he married his husband John Arthur James in Maryland in 2013.

James passed away about a month later, and Obergefell challenged Ohio’s refusal to recognize same-sex marriages on death certificates.

Obergefell has been attending the Supreme Court every Monday and Thursday this month. He says he promised his late husband James that he would see this case through and Obergefell wants to be inside the Supreme Court when the decision is announced.

Leading up to the announcement last week, he couldn’t imagine a negative outcome.

“I honestly can’t think about that possibility, it’s too scary, it’s too painful to think about the highest court of the land saying we truly are second class citizens,” Obergefell said in an interview with Fusion.

America with Jorge Ramos followed Obergefell as he made his way to the Supreme Court last week, and experienced this historic moment with him.

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