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Drug Wars Episode 2: A high-speed chase across the ocean leads to a raid

Drug Wars Episode 3: Panamanian police hunt for a gang leader

In this highlight clip from episode two of the Fusion original series “Drug Wars,” a Panamanian SWAT team enters a neighborhood under the grip of a dangerous gang of assassins in pursuit of a local drug trafficker. Later, a van tries to avoid a police roadblock by doing an abrupt U-turn and pealing down a side street with officers close behind.

“Drug Wars” gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the battles being waged against the intercontinental drug trade. We’ll give you unprecedented access, bringing you shoulder-to-shoulder with the DEA and Coast Guard officials, as well as Panamanian and Colombian anti-drug forces as they combat smugglers, guerrilla fighters, and seize hundreds of millions of dollars of cocaine.

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