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Why this nanotechnologist became a goat cheese maker

Goats have the ability to survive on almost anything, anywhere, whether the environment is cold, arid, mountainous, or humid. But not all goat cheeses are equal. The quality of the cheese will depend on a cheese-maker’s technique.

Located in the hills outside of Modena, Zak the Baker visits Fattoria i Piani, a small batch organic goat cheese producer, to find out why its owner left her work in nanotechnology to take artisanal cheese-making to the extreme.

The Artisans of Italy” is a Fusion digital series hosted by Zak the Baker, in which he travels across Italy in search of modern-day artisans. From cheesemongers to the makers of balsamic vinegar, prosciutto, and wine, this series is about discovering the craftsmen behind some of our favorite products and finding out how these traditions began.

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