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Breaking bread and building peace

Josh Tetrick: Good food 'should not be so damn expensive'

“Food really defines our lives,” says Josh Tetrick, CEO of the food startup Hampton Creek. That’s why he wants the next president to focus on policies that promote healthy food that’s good for the environment—making those choices more affordable and accessible to all Americans.

Our #DearNextPresident project caught up with Tetrick at The Washington Post’s inGENuitY 2015 Summit. Watch his full message to see how he thinks food policy can shape American manufacturing, too. Then make your own video and add your voice to the conversation.

Fusion is asking young people around the country to talk about their most pressing issues this election season using the phrase “Dear next president … ” You can learn more about the project, hear more voices from the campaign, and learn how to contribute your own video to #DearNextPresident.

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