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Mexican youth keep the fire burning against government's handling of missing students

A drug gang’s confession to killing 43 missing students has done little to calm passions in Mexico, where protesters from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers’ College burned cars over the weekend to pressure the government to keep up the search for their missing peers.

Fusion spoke to young activists who organized a candlelight vigil outside the Attorney General’s office in Mexico City. They said they don’t trust the government’s version of events and demanded scientific proof that the remains found near Iguala actually belong to the missing students. Activists said that they are fed up with pervasive corruption and narco-infiltrations in Mexico.

“The police is so corrupted here that you don’t even know if you can call a policeman when something bad happens,” said Lilia Garcia, an executive assistant who joined the protest. “In this kind of matter, where the government is actually involved, the question is, can we really speak out, or who is going to come after us? Is this going to make a difference?”

Many activists here hope that protests will pressure the Mexican government to be accountable and force authorities to provide scientific proof of what happened to the missing students. Over the weekend several hashtags, such as #yamecanse emerged online to keep pressure on the government. Activists are planning a national strike on Nov 20.

Video produced by John Holman and Tania Miranda in Mexico City



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