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Jorge Ramos Asks CIA Director What Keeps Him Awake at Night

In an interview with CIA Director John Brennan, Fusion’s Jorge Ramos asked the former counterterrorism advisor what types of security threats keep him up at night.

See transcription below:
Jorge Ramos: In March, President Obama suggested that the possibility of a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan is the biggest security threat to the United States. You’ve said also that Al Qaeda has metastasized. Can you rule out another 9/11 now? Are you worried about that? In other words – what keeps you awake at night?

CIA Director John Brennan: Well there are a lot of things that keep me awake at night, but thankfully I have a full days’ work here so by the time I get home I can go to sleep. What concerns me is that devastating attack on 9/11 which brought down the twin towers in Manhattan. I come from northern New Jersey and that’s always been a part of the landscape for many many years. If on 12 September of 2001 you would have asked Americans are we going to be able to stop for the next decade a similar type of attack from Al Qaeda people would have said no. This agency has done remarkable work since 9/11 to stop Al Qaeda in its tracks from being able to repeat what happened on 9/11. We worked with the FBI, with the Department of Defense and others state and local officials to prevent that from happening.

Ramos: But it has metastasized as you said.

Brennan: It absolutely has. Al Qaeda is still a threat. terrorist organizations, some that are associated with Al Qaeda and some that are not are trying to do harm with Americans overseas as well as here. That’s why it’s so important that intelligence agencies like CIA continue to thrive and bring to bare the best and brightest of the American people to help us keep this country safe so yes the threats from terrorists are still there. We need to do everything we can on a daily basis, we cannot let our guard down, because every day there are attempts being made here and over seas to kill Americans.

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