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Meet the women locked up with men: An inside look into Fusion's investigative report

From sexual harassment to solitary confinement, transgender immigrant prisoners often have to endure tragedies greater than those they’re running from.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement houses about 75 trans prisoners every night. Fusion’s investigative team took an inside look into the world of these detainees and shared some of their stories with AM Tonight.

Fusion’s Alicia Menendez sat down with Investigative Reporter Cristina Costantini and National Affairs Correspondent Jorge Rivas to find out more about the women forced to live with men in these detention centers.

“We’ve heard these awful stories …of guards abusing women, raping women while they’re in protective custody,” Costantini told Menendez.

“ICE has started to develop solutions, but they’re baby steps,” Rivas said. “They’ve launched guidelines for these detention centers but they haven’t actually implemented these guidelines.”

“I think people would be shocked to know that this is where we put them and this is where we house them,” Costantini said.

This Fusion Investigation was conducted by Cristina Costantini, Jorge Rivas and Kristofer Rios and was done in collaboration with Univision documentales.

For more of information on the Fusion report, click here: http://interactive.fusion.net/trans/

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