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Meet RM Drake, Instagram's most famous poet

Instagram is a place where friends and celebrities post FOMO-inducing selfies and artistic foodporn photos. But it’s also becoming a medium for artists (proof: there’s a panel at this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach called “Instagram as an Artistic Medium“).


RM Drake, Instagram’s most famous poet, was among the first to recognize the power of Instagram. He began posting his short verses on the social media platform and quickly gained a following once celebrities like Sophia Bush and the Kardashians began posting his work.


RM Drake street poem

Most RM Drake fans can check his work on Instagram, but for those lacking in social media savvy, Drake has you covered. He stenciled some of his favorite verses on sidewalks around Miami, and plans to expand.

Check out the video above to see how RM Drake went from writing poetry as a hobby to making a living off his art.

Video credits:
Produced by Alex Di Palma
Shot and edited by Ingrid Rojas

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