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Edge of a Crisis: Jorge Ramos Follows Migrant Journeys into the Rio Grande

By the the time migrants reach the Rio Grand – or the Rio Bravo as it’s called in Mexico – many have come from Central America and are exhausted from weeks of traveling and have just spent hours trekking through the desert heart. Depending on which part of the river they cross, migrants may be able to wade through waist high water, in other parts, they have to swim, if the don’t have a coyote to help them across. Sometimes, migrants don’t make it, and their bodies are recovered by Border Patrol.

Fusion’s Jorge Ramos recently swam across, camera in tow, to help show what this symbolic and occasional deadly phase of the immigration journey looks like from the ground level. The river is near the end of a long journey and is one of many obstacles migrants face. Many cling to the death train, La Bestia, on their desperate journey north. Driving along the border’s thin line between freedom and tragedy, huddled masses and ugly politics lie at every turn.

These stories and more are on AMERICA with Jorge Ramos, Tuesday at 10pm.

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